7 Ultimate Online Techniques To Generate Leads For Real Estate In Dubai

how to get real estate leads in dubai

Today, over 9 million people actively use the internet in the Emirates and the population increases daily.

The internet’s use is only bound to increase, therefore it’s important for a real estate business to leverage the opportunity of the internet boom, thereby increasing your market reach, your customer base and building a good reputation online.

A real estate firm must not get behind in the flow. There are various ways to get online leads to your business.

I’ll discuss some of these methods shortly, but you should know that the methods are proved to produce a high number of leads for real estate firms.

You can exploit each of them to give your firm the next boost in the market.


You Need A Website

Get a Website

Since you’re looking forward to generating leads online, there should be a landing page where potential clients can easily see what you offer.

The website must properly communicate its purpose.

Also, the website should have important and enticing information and pictures to carry your potential clients along to the point of them purchasing from you.

Search Engine Optimization.

Owning a website alone would not drive across many leads to your real estate firm.

There are many newbies, looking for their first apartment or house. There are also foreigners who would want to get a property too.

Most of them will use search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc

They could search on the internet for things like “best house deals in Dubai”. If you’re familiar with Google, you’ll notice about 6-8 results on the first page.

Just like you, other won’t go into the second page.

The first-page result is where the deal is, your website must be optimized to rank among the top result.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is done by applying expert skills to some features of your website.

You can consult SEO specialists to rank your website naturally.

If you don’t mind doing it yourself, the next method is for you.


Asides supplying helpful information to your potential clients, having an active blog section on your website generally improve its rank on the search engine results.

With an informative blog section, potential customers trust your expertise in the real estate industry.

Most of your blog post should lead to people taking action to click or buy through your website. While others should be mainly useful information in the area of real estate.

Also, some specific keywords can be used in creating the content that would increase the chances of your website appearing naturally on the first page of the search engine result.

Honestly, not everyone has the time for this, some are willing to spend. If you’re such, the next 3 methods are for you.

Search Engine Marketing.

Unlike SEO, where you would apply some expert practice on your website to naturally rank higher on search engine result pages, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) achieves this with some cash investment.

You simply pay the search engine to advertise your real estate firm whenever some specific keywords you choose are entered in the search engine. When there’s a click, you’re charged some cash.

You can make ads for as many keywords as possible. For instance, try searching “buy cars” on Google, the first set of links you see with a green “ad” box beside are paid for, while the ones that occur after are optimized.

SEM guarantees good ROI for your real estate company, you’d be sure to get leads.

Social Media Marketing.

The use of social media has taken over the entire emirate, with over 4.5 million users in Dubai alone.

Marketing via social media is one sure investment with high returns for businesses.

There are different social media platforms, with the most popular being Facebook, followed by WhatsApp, then Instagram, Twitter and the rest. Each of these social media platforms has millions of users who actively engage them for more than 2 hours in a day.

Generating leads from people’s leisure is now very easy. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can advertise your real estate company with pictures, videos and even promote your website.

Outstandingly, you can target the specific audience who’d want to buy from you. The social media platforms already know the user’s likes and other details.

You can’t go wrong with Social Media Marketing if done well. A huge number of leads can be generated with these platforms.

Starting an advert campaign on social media platforms is quite straightforward, you might not need any expertise. However, reading some articles can be of great help.

Affiliate Marketing.

This method uses other people’s voice, network or connection to drive leads to your real estate company. However, they’d get a commission off the payment of the leads that come through them.

In other words, let’s say you observed a very popular blog that people read or a social commentator that people follow, you invite them to your affiliate program and you give them an affiliate link. The blog writes something about your business or the social leader says something about your business or a particular property and tells their followers to click through the link they’ll give to buy.

Once a lead clicks and buys, an agreed percent goes to the account of the blog or online social leader.

It’s a method that works well. This is basically how most products are sold by the American company – Amazon.

Influencer Marketing.

This is somehow similar to the one above.

The difference is in the fact that your interactions will be with other real estate companies or agents like you. Also, no amount would be paid to them.

You simply interact with other influencers in the real estate industry, you comment, share and like their updates, articles, and others. This gesture will compel them to also interact with you and create a type of friendship.

Considerable amount of leads can come through this method, especially if the influencer has several links.


Engaging Groups and Forums.

There are always forums and groups on the internet where people discuss topics directly or indirectly related to real estate.

You can leverage this groups to generate leads to your website by contributing very useful information about the topic and once in a while just suggest your website as a link.

Suggesting your website shouldn’t be done always as people will see you as just a spammer.

When you make highly useful contributions, you gain their trust, when any link is shared by you, they equally trust it because of your past records.

Online forums and groups are a good way to generate traffic and then leads to your real estate company.

Some of these groups can be found on social media like Facebook, others can simply be Google searched.

Which of these goes well with you!?

Naturally rank your website for more leads or pay your way through to get more leads!?

Either way, leads are generated to your business, properties are sold and bought, and huge profit is made; which is why I believe you’re reading this.

Thanks for reading through.

Feel free to drop a question or comment below. We’d get back to you promptly.


I am a qualified SEO specialist, Google AdWords expert, and Digital Marketing guru with a proven record of turning online campaigns profitable. I have a wide exposure to SEO, PPC, and SEM.

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