JafakashGoogle Adwords Certified, SEO Specialist and Digital Marketing Executive Professional

I am a certified Google AdWords, SEO and digital marketing professional  currently working at Alkhail Real Estate Brokers with years of experience in handling different clients and businesses. As a professional, I strive to get repeat clients by ensuring I put in integrity, pride and honest hard work in every task I do at a reasonable price. I also possess lots of experience in mid-size and corporate business settings hence; I am in a position to bring high-level professional work beyond the current industry standards for both small and midsized business companies.

Below are my past experiences:

  • Responsible for coming up with comprehensive strategies and execution for all the online advertising modules of SEM like Mobile Marketing and E-Mail, SMM/SMO (referral), SEO and Paid Search Campaigns.
  • Responsible for managing a wide range of projects including tracking and analysis of leads, visits and potential customers, etc. by use of Google Analytics.
  • Developing, implementing strategies and offering marketing plans to help build and attract website traffic to reach the right target audience.
  • Playing an essential role in all lead generation and online customer acquisition activities.
  • Working on paid search platforms like Yahoo, Google Ad Words, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook, and Bing.
  • Having a team in a position to help in handling, training experience and carry out knowledge sharing sessions. Head daily meetings and huddle with the team.
  • Manage day-to-day client relationship through chats, presentations and conf. Calls.
  • A webmaster for over 50 WordPress SEO friendly websites
  • Extensive use of industry tools like SEOpROFILER, Screaming Frog, aHrefs, Majestic, SEMRush, and Accuranker.
  • Creating and Implementing interactive marketing strategies and improving search engine performance, attracting site users and driving growth that results in traffic.
  • Developing an ongoing plan and media campaign for outreach.
  • Creating a website using specializing plugins and WordPress for SEO, customizing WordPress installations
  • Analyzing data to help identify the trends generate reports and help adjust campaigns to produce the most optimal ROI.

 What I Will Be Able To Do For Your Business

As a professional and experienced Google Ad Words, SEO Specialist, I understand the high level of competition being experienced in the digital world. Here are the leading SEO things I will be able to do for your business.

Initial SEO Audit and Review

I will carry out in-depth SEO technical audit to help identify fast Google Search Engine Optimization wins. It is also important that I review the previous SEO efforts and future SEO goals with the client. I will also research and target regional departments that a client would wish to show up in Google and ensure it ranks high.

Keyword Prioritization and Identification

You need to work with the available keyword targets and discover a less competitive long tail and local keyword opportunities using online keyword tools. Set up and use Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Ad Words to help data mine keywords and traffic.

Content Quality Review

Off-site and On-site audit to help ensure that both excellent SEO and excellent local SEO review how useful an onsite content is including adding new product pages, content and landing pages. Examine external and on-site internal linking.

Competitor Benchmarking

Come up with a competitor list to help review and create SEO and Google Ad Words ideas. Record through SEMRush, aHref and MOZ to help determine the best strategies and target the best keywords.

Extra Technical SEO Audits

Carrying out technical audit will help check that Google is in a position to successfully crawl and index different pages. I will use screaming frog site crawler to crawl your site and carry out on site, audit. Improve upon the <TITLE> and <H1> and <H2> headers. Improve META Descriptions and remove META Keywords. Test the speed of the site.  Ensure that your website is mobile responsive and that it can load well on your Smartphone also. Remove any broken links and add internal links that will help in improving SEO.

Backlink Audit

  • I will check where the competitor backlinks are coming from and look for similar links for my clients.
  • Plan, Report, and Forecast Ranking Improvement
  • I will create a keyword ranking report to help show you the progress.
  • Enhance Profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Add content and links to social media profiles together with schedule posts for excellent view and traffic whenever it is needed.

SEO News

I will recommend to the client the latest SEO news, all current state and near future SEO directions and provide the right answers that are directed towards all my SEO and Google Ad Words efforts. I will share my SEO ranking philosophy and techniques.

There are over 400-500 different ranking factor Google uses to rank a website page and updates the Google Search algorithm over 600 times per year.

The other things I will also be in a position to handle include:

  • YouTube Marketing
  • Influencers Outreach
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Google Webmaster Expert

Here Are Ways in Which My Services Will Differ From My Competitors

Provide Top Notch Proven Results

250+ high ranking in Yahoo, Google and Bing where most of them will help generate profitable sales.

Strategic Mindset Focusing on Conversion

If you are selling a service or a product or you are capturing a lead, you will always hear me talking about conversion, lifetime value of a visitor, ROI in addition to all the usual marketing jargon.

Personalized Attention

You will not get pawned off on some wet behind the ears graduate. Get me together with my several of experience in digital marketing. In case you have work that is outside my SEO competency, I will recommend you to a group of web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters whom I have worked with for years.


I am 100 % clean just as a driven snow white hat. I never engage in any mischievous SEO tactics that are meant to pop your website overnight into 1st position. All the methods I  use are legit and will help your site achieve a high ranking.  In short, my reputation is my business, and there is no way I am going to risk that. I set realistic targets, and in case I am not in a position to assist you, I will always inform you early enough.

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